STEM-Trek’s first beneficiary, Wa Yuan, traveled to Salt Lake City to attend the Supercomputing’12 conference in November. The trip was possible due to the generosity of STEM-Trek Adviser Noshir Contractor (Northwestern University) who donated travel points. While she was there, Wa met six STEM-Trek advisers, three friends, and a mentor. Can you identify them?

Composite photograph

1. Paul Avery (Adviser/University of Florida).

2. Baha Mirghani (Adviser/Mentor/Brown and Caldwell Engineering).

3. Ian Foster (Adviser/UChicago/Argonne/XSEDE).

4. David Stack (Adviser/Vice President/University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee).

5. John Towns (Adviser/NCSA/XSEDE).

6. Scott Klasky (Friend/ORNL).

7. Jan Zverina and Warren Froelich (Friends/San Diego Supercomputer Center).

8. Catherine Gater (Adviser/European Grid Infrastructure).

9. Carol Song (Wa’s conference mentor/Purdue/XSEDE).