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Southern African Development Community (SADC) HPC Forum delegates attended a two-day HPC workshop at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).

Why donate to STEM-Trek? Because #HPCMatters!

High performance computing (HPC) accelerates the process of discovery, but it’s the people, not machines, who solve the world’s grand challenges.

Without a significant investment in HPC human capital development (HCD), cyberinfrastructure programs will fail.

STEM-Trek Nonprofit is the only public charity (US-501.c.3) that supports “HPC-curious” science, technology, engineering, and math scholars from resource-constrained regions or under-represented groups. Our programs promote gender equity, and help foster a culture of inclusion in an industry that lacks diversity.

Everyone benefits when you donate to STEM-Trek

An HPC footprint is an economic engine for prosperity and HCD in any region. But, it’s difficult to build a sustainable case for HPC, or gain the traction required to construct a new facility when budgets are thin, and there’s fierce competition for public funds.

STEM-Trek illuminates the people and regions that will benefit the most from the industry’s success.

Why should Americans support travel for foreign nationals, or workforce development efforts that give other countries a competitive advantage?

Since the HPC industry is deeply-rooted in the U.S., as it grows and prospers, more skilled, middle-income American jobs are generated. Investors enjoy greater profit margins, and spend their wealth on goods and services in the national marketplace.

There are many advantages to having a well-trained regional workforce with access to computational resources, and the know-how to use them. Entrepreneurs will be born, and startups will emerge in a variety of related fields. As they succeed, so will their communities, and so on…

Travel fosters trust and diplomacy among nations. International open science builds e-infrastructure that enables globally-distributed research collaborations. When other countries contribute in unique ways to the open science community (via shared biotech, energy and other domain knowledge transfer), everyone prospers.

Through conference travel, workshops, mentoring and exposure to STEM-Trek’s social platforms and information stream, we help prepare advocates to defend a local case for HPC. As small centers grow, they will influence regional K-12 education and community programs that stimulate awareness of HPC’s benefits to society. This garners legislative and taxpayer confidence in the national cyberinfrastructure investment. When parents and teachers understand why it’s important, more youths will choose STEM and HPC academic tracks and careers in the future.

STEM-Trek is a 501.c.3 charitable nonprofit, and donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.!

We welcome cash and donations of travel points, time and expertise. STEM-Trek beneficiaries are encouraged to pay-it-forward, so your donations will continue to give in ways that are impossible to quantify!

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