A digest of many feature articles I’ve written is found on Muck Rack.

Additional highlights:

August, 2021 article in HPCwire. Careers in Cybersecurity @PEARC21.

January, 2021 article in HPCwire. Students @SC21

February, 2019 two-part feature in HPCwire to recap the 2018 South African Centre for High Performance Computing’s annual national meeting. Part one, and part two.

March, 2019 article in EnterpriseAI. From “Retinator” to Visionary: AI for Automated Retinopathy Diagnosis. Michael Abràmoff (University of Iowa) patents the first fully-autonomous medical diagnostic instrument to be approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration.

SC co-located workshops. Through STEM-Trek, I plan an event each year that is co-located with the annual Supercomputing Conference. During SC15 in Austin, Texas I worked with Melyssa Fratkin and Dan Stanzione (TACC); HPC On Common Ground@SC16 was arranged with Dana Brunson (Oklahoma State U) and Henry Neeman (U-Oklahoma); and for URISC@SC17 I collaborated with Von Welch (Indiana U). For each event, I fundraised to support travel and facilities costs, and managed communications. I wrote narratives for the NSF proposals, and planned training programs for the SC16 and SC17 events. Each workshop, sponsored by NSF and tech company donations, supported a US/Pan-African cohort of between 15 and 18 delegates from a dozen countries who attended the STEM-Trek workshop and SC conference each year.

I designed the logo, and chose a jacket that was flattering on all participants. One delegate missed the group photo, so he was added via PhotoShop; can you tell who that was?

Program Chair, Data Symposium 2012, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The event was co-sponsored by the Southeast Wisconsin High-Performance Computing Cyberinfrastructure (SeWHiP) and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin. I designed the program, managed the project and communications, and successfully leveraged 100 percent earned media to recruit eight distinguished trainers and speakers for an event that drew 71 attendees from 23 institutions.

Iowa Informatics Initiative (UI3) Newsletters, 2019 (first and second/final). I wrote the feature articles, took many of the photographs and prepared the layout for these two newsletters.

October 25, 2010 press release about the launch of the first National Institutes of Health (NIH) high-performance computing system at the University of Chicago. Ian Foster (UChicago) was principal investigator on both the NIH project, and the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) TeraGrid project. I served as NSF TeraGrid’s external relations coordinator from 2008-2011. When the NIH award was announced in 2010, Dr. Foster asked me to prepare the news release. When I wrote, “The Beagle Supercomputer has Landed in Chicago,” I used feminine pronouns since the system was named after the HMS Beagle, the ship that carried Charles Darwin on his famous scientific voyage in 1831. The release was featured in the At the Forefront of UChicago Medicine newsletter; Communications of the ACM; Newswise; and SupercomputingOnline.

While I often have the luxury of using photographs taken by professional photographers assigned to events I’m covering, I always take my own camera. I like this photo of South African high school students I took after chatting with them for several minutes. Their expressions reflect their personalities.