infinity sign graphicWe appreciate the generosity of those who have donated cash, gifts in kind, travel points, and time. 

Graphic Design and web administrator, Evan Leake, PaleBird Design Studio, Macomb, Illinois-US

Tom Tabor, Tabor Communications, Inc., La Jolla, California-US

Maria Arand, Crown Imports, LLC, Chicago, Illinois-US

Danell “Doc” Nicholson (World Sport Chicago), Chicago, Illinois-US

Chicago Cubs, Chicago, Illinois-US

Billy Goat Tavern, Chicago, Illinois-US

Legal Adviser Anonymous, Rockford, Illinois-US

Accounting Advisers Jake Thompson (CPA), and Julie Cunningham (CPA), Rockford, Illinois-US

Adviser Alana Romanella (Virginia Tech/XSEDE), Blacksburg, Virginia-US

Adviser Happy Sithole (Director, CHPC), Pretoria, South Africa

Adviser Florian Berberich (Science Manager, Jülich Supercomputing Center), Jülich, Germany

Founding Adviser John Towns (NCSA/XSEDE), Urbana, Illinois-US

Founding Adviser Paul Avery (University of Florida), Gainesville, Florida-US

Founding Adviser Catherine Gater Newhouse (Project Manager), Cambridge, UK

Founding Adviser Baha Mirghani (Brown and Caldwell Engineering), Florida-US

Founding Adviser & Officer, David Stack (UW-System CIO), Madison & Milwaukee, Wisconsin-US

Founding Adviser Jiayuan Meng (GoogleX), San Francisco, California-US

Founding Adviser and Officer Wa Yuan (Director, Scitivate, Inc.), San Francisco, California-US

Founding Adviser, Inactive: Noshir Contractor (Northwestern University), Chicago, Illinois-US

Founding Adviser, Inactive: Thomas Eickermann (Jülich Supercomputing Center), Jülich, Germany

Founding Adviser, Inactive: Steven Newhouse (Technical Director, EMBL-EBI), Chelmsford, UK

Founding Adviser, Inactive: Ian Foster (UChicago), Chicago, Illinois-US

Friend Carol Song (Purdue), West Lafayette, Indiana-US

Friend Erik Bergman (Medical College of Wisconsin), Milwaukee, Wisconsin-US

Friend Richard Barrett (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), Livermore, California-US

Friend, Anonymous, Rockford, Illinois-US

Friend, Anonymous, Urbana, Illinois-US

Friend, Anonymous, Washington DC-US

Friend, Anonymous, Bloomington, Indiana-US

Friend, Anonymous, Austin, Texas-US

Friend, Anonymous, La Jolla, California-US

Friend, Anonymous, Boulder, Colorado-US

Corporate and agency sponsors

Airlink Airlines of the South African skies

Cray Computers

Data Direct Networks

Dell Computers



Micron Foundation

National Science Foundation

Science Gateways Community Institute