SC-Broader Engagement participants

Would you like to be a STEM-Trek mentor? Maybe you would benefit from having a mentor!

What would you ask someone who has already achieved what you hope to accomplish? When your career path involves performance technologies, there are few role models at most colleges and universities.

In a jobless culture, many students find themselves at a crossroads–unsure whether they should continue their education in pursuit of a PhD, or try to find a job in an effort to pay off student debt. Many become overwhelmed with family and financial obligations and never return to college.

For many reasons, it can be helpful to talk to others who have succeeded in a similar career path. Lunch, a phone call, or arranged meeting during a professional conference can be rewarding for both parties. By leveraging STEM-Trek’s robust social network of performance technology academic and industry professionals, we will help find a mentor, or mentors in a specific field and/or who live and work near where you study. Each will have agreed to discuss your career goals, academic pursuits, or job-skills training. The goal is to gain confidence moving forward and eventually to find meaningful employment–whether or not a PhD is in your future.

When you are finally employed and earning enough money that you can contribute to STEM-Trek, we hope that you will remember to do so.

Get involved!

If you would like to become a mentor, or if you seek a mentor, please contact We will anonymously pair you with an appropriate mentee, mentor, or mentors.

In the future, we plan to develop a match-making tool that will allow scholars to select from a a list of anonymized resources–names and institutions will not be apparent, but experience and skills of those who have agreed to participate will be displayed. If you would like to volunteer to help develop this STEM-Trek feature, please contact