Lovely shout-out by Thomas J. Sterling (Indiana University)

Thomas J. Sterling (Indiana University) delivered his 18th International Supercomputing Conference (ISC21) keynote address on Wednesday, November 30. Before he closed, he expressed gratitude for the efforts of a number of industry icons, and included Elizabeth Leake (STEM-Trek) among them.

Senior Editor John Russell (HPCwire) captured the highlights and closed his article with this quote by Dr. Sterling:

“The final person here is one who frankly, we really need to acknowledge and that is Elizabeth Leake. Now many of you know Elizabeth, she is part of our community and always with a friendly smile. But she is much more than that. She is the founder of STEM-Trek…I can’t read to you the long list of accomplishments, but through STEM-Trek, students are encouraged and engaged in high performance computing. She has singularly managed to acquire travel grants for students who otherwise, frankly, would never get to see conferences like ISC. You see a picture of her with students I met a couple of years ago. Elizabeth deserves very high praise for all of her contributions.”

Thomas J. Sterling (Indiana University)

Thank you, Dr. Sterling! We appreciate your many contributions to the industry, and we always look forward to your ISC keynote addresses!

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