An Ode to SC, by Luna Backes Drault (Texas A&M)

By Luna Backes Drault (Texas A&M)

SC is

SC is innovation…
from new ideas to products,
from concepts to prototypes,
from technology to society.

SC is collaboration…
from a node to a supercomputer,
from a researcher to a consortium,
from people to communities.

SC is communication…
from inter-node to intra-node,
from conversations to keynotes,
from gathers to scatters.

SC is inspiring…
from new minds to experts,
from human brains to artificial intelligence,
from passion to innovation.

SC is science…
from observations to questions,
from hypotheses to experiments,
from data to conclusions,
from conclusions to SC publications.

SC is networking…
from students to advisors,
from business to friendship,
from partners to competitors.

SC is empowering…
from majorities to minorities,
from students to directors,
from genders to ethnicities.

SC is fun…
from galas to parties,
from meetings to reunions,
from new partners to old friends.

SC inspired me to write this.

SC inspires.


Many thanks to David Tur (HPCNow!) for granting Luna’s SC18 exhibitor pass
so she could enjoy the show!




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  1. María Teresa Drault

    Great work Luna!!

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