A peek under the covers @SC18!

By Dan Lorts (STEM-Trek Blogger and HPC Advocate)

How about a behind the scenes look at what happens during the setup of a big conference like SC18?

It just so happens that I also work part-time for an event security company that is one of many providing services at SC18. This first group of pictures was taken during the second night of the setup. The floors were taped to identify the location of booths and placement of not only electrical connections but also the required data connections (Fig 1: show floor space map; cover image).

There were contractors running all over the place, including SciNet engineers who were setting up dNOCs and running the fiber connections per the above layout. The green Xes indicate completed booths; there were three additional sheets with booths in progress.

So, as you walk around or view pictures of the SC18 exhibit floor, remember how it looked just a week earlier….

The next three photos show a panoramic view of the ‘work floor.’

And now we can all see how it all turned out when we attend SC18!


I hope this “behind the scenes” view of SC18 was interesting; it’s a sight that few attendees get to see.

Stay tuned for more SC18 updates and watch UbuntuHouse@SC18 sponsors’ and friends’ websites to see what they will be doing at SC18!

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