Maybin Douglas Lengwe, Copperbelt University, Zambia

maybinMaybin Douglas Lengwe is a lecturer at Copperbelt University, the second largest university in Zambia. He graduated in 2008 from Copperbelt with a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science (CS), and earned a master’s degree in CS and Information Science from Cleveland State University, Ohio-U.S. in 2011.

After completing his graduate studies, Maybin was recruited by Copperbelt’s CS department to work as a lecturer. He now teaches Introduction to Computing (more than 1000 students), Data Structures, Algorithm and Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Multimedia Systems, and Management Information Systems.

Maybin is new to high performance computing (HPC). There was no regional infrastructure to support the field, but his university recently received a donated HPC system from the Zambian Research Network (ZAMREN). Maybin was then designated to develop Copperbelt’s HPC (training and support) program.

Zambia has many health, education and industrial (specifically, mining) challenges that can be solved quicker by using advanced cyberinfrastructure. Since we haven’t had access to HPC in the past, there is a shortage of personnel who understand how to maintain and leverage the technology. I’m pleased to be among the first Zambians to learn so I can share the knowledge with Copperbelt University students and colleagues.”

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