HPC in Resource Constrained Environments 1 (2)ACM Special Interest Group for HPC in Resource-Constrained Environments

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Network Engineer Hensley Omorodion (University of Benin, Nigeria) laid the groundwork for an IEEE/Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing in Resource-Constrained Environments (SIGHPC-RCE). An application was submitted to ACM in January, and on June 15, 2015, it was approved (Chapter number 132214).

Omorodion hopes the new SIG can sponsor a variety of HPC initiatives, including activities that are co-located with ACM events. Its members can work together to elevate general awareness of why HPC is important, and how resource-constrained centers can access free and low-cost training and cloud-enabled HPC. When possible, they can share resources, and collectively solicit donations of up-cycled hardware and software from government-supported cyberinfrastructures, vendors and commercial data centers. Additionally, they can inspire the development of tools that will help researchers from under-served regions accelerate the process of scientific discovery. While the group’s roots are in Nigeria, Hensley intends for the organization to advocate on behalf of resource-constrained centers everywhere!


Elizabeth Leake (STEM-Trek) and Hensley Omorodion (University of Benin, Nigeria).

At SC14, Hensley invited representatives from the HPC community to attend an informational session where he sought volunteers for the SIG’s advisory group. Elizabeth Leake (STEM-Trek), Rachel Vincent-Finley (Southern University and A&M), Janine Cook (SNL) and Richard Barrett (SNL) offered to help. After a discussion with SC15 Early-Career Program Chair Jeffrey Hollingsworth (UMD), Hensley submitted an SC15 Birds-of-a-feather (BoF) proposal, and it was accepted: SIGHPC-RCE BoF,

STEM-Trek is hosting SIGHPC-RCE’s organizational materials here until a new site can be established. Check this page for updates.

Planning and organizational documents:


Organization Bylaws: Draft.

SC14 Meetup Agenda: SIGHPC-RCE.

Presentation by Hensley Omorodion: Developing HPC in Resource Constrained Environments.