“Challenges/Small HPC Centers” Google Group Encouraged to Join ACM/SIGHPC-RCE!

As you may have heard, the “Challenges of Managing Small HPC Centers” Google Group is being disbanded (August 18), and members are encouraged to join the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on HPC in Resource Constrained Environments (ACM/SIGHPC-RCE).

A SIGHPC-RCE election will be held this week. Members may select their choice of candidates for chapter chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary and membership coordinator. If you would like to vote, you’ll first need to join the chapter. To do so, complete this form.

If you manage a small research computing center (government, academic or industry; all are welcome) and/or if you consider your HPC center to be resource constrained, you’ll want to join the SIGHPC-RCE chapter. There are currently dozens of members from the US and African nations in the group, and we expect candidates from other countries will join. We hope to establish critical mass of people who share common challenges, and that would benefit from having access to a virtual peer support network.

There’s an annual $10.00 fee for professional members and $5.00 for students. Officers must also be members of ACM and SIGHPC. Fee revenue supports meeting facility, AV and catering costs, and/or travel grants for students and early-career scholars from RCE’s.  Chapter officers can waive the SIGHPC-RCE fee for applicants who can’t afford it (for example, those who live or work in regions rated 29 and higher on the World Bank list). Qualified candidates may apply for a fee waiver by contacting any chapter officer, or by writing to info@stem-trek.org.

After the election (ballot will be open until August 18), new officers will be announced who will assume their duties after a brief orientation.

“Challenges” Google Group members are encouraged to join the SIGHPC-RCE immediately. Elections for new SIG officers will conclude August 21, 2017. Once the SIG has new leadership, the Google group will no longer be maintained.

Here’s a document that describes the history of both organizations, and reasons why they are being merged. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.

Elizabeth Leake
STEM-Trek Nonprofit Executive Director 2011-present
SIGHPC-RCE Vice Chair 2015-17
“Challenges” co-facilitator in 2013-14

Hensley Omorodion (University of Benin), SIGHPC-RCE Founder

Featured photo inset: Tech facilitators from Africa visit TACC in 2015.

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